Business Transformation Consultancy

ABS’s Business Transformation Consulting : transform from an “individual-dependent” to a “process-centric” mode of operation

Assessment Business Transformation Readiness Assessment (BRASS)
Strategic Planning Strategy Maps and Balanced Scorecard,
Operations & Finance Management Cash-to-Cash Cycle Management
Manufacturing Excellence LEAN/ Global Manufacturing Excellence Practices
Human Resources People Practice / Functional Skills Up-gradation and Compensation Structures
Information Technology Industry Vertical Business Applications including Management Dashboard/ Business Intelligence,
Family Business Addressing the unique needs of managing issues related to the “family” aspect of family owned/ managed businesses.
Business Transformation Model: Customized/ Individualized Business solution

In order to help you transform your business we follow an approach whereby we first assess your business readiness for transformation and develop strategy maps and balanced scorecards to facilitate it. ABS believes that change must be holistic which is why we offer consulting in financial management, operations management and lean manufacturing as well as support for human resource management. People are agents of change and therefore we facilitate skill up-gradation and people practice consulting. Our business intelligence offerings, provides you with real-time data of your business processes and operation to help you make strategic decisions.

Finally, we understand the unique needs and managing issues of family owned/ managed businesses in lieu of which we offer Family Business Management consulting.

Our business transformation consulting offerings are available for the following industry- verticals.

  1. Equipment Manufacturing
  2. FMCG and Non-Durable Goods Distribution, Retail and e-Commerce
  3. Professional Services
  4. Components Manufacturing
  5. Agro & Food Processing industry