Center for Functional Excellence

ABS’s Center for Functional Excellence enables clients to become ready for rapid activation of our solutions and minimizes potential change management challenges. The CFE also addresses the customer’s need to continually up skill their workers, supervisors and managers

ABS offers a comprehensive suite of services to enable our customers to transform from people-dependent to process-centric organisations.

Our Business Readiness Assessment (BRASS) engagement enables us to capture the present state of readiness of the organization in terms of processes, people and systems and recommend actions required to upgrade the client’s readiness index for change.

ABS’s Center for Functional Excellence (CFE) provides the curriculum and courses that enable the client to upgrade the functional knowledge and skills of his employees, supervisors and junior executives on the basic concepts of various functions.

ABS’s CFE also provides advanced courses on various functional areas and subjects - including business analytics – for senior supervisors and managers.

In addition, ABS’s CFE offers courses to upgrade the soft skills required including :

a) Communication : Oral, Written, Presentation

b) Computer Usage : MS Office, Email

ARMS is our first Reverse Franchisee Partner for our Center for Functional Excellence