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Prakash Venkatesan said, “Our receivables are today under control. We have gained absolute transparency in payments and dues and have implemented a great deal of checks and measures including credit locks and approvals to maintain a check over defaulting customers and to ensure timely collection of C-Form and other essential documents. The accuracy of our MIS reports and P&L ensure that key decision makers have real time view of our business that was not possible 3 years back when we had a manual approach. Although we have scaled up as a company from Rs. 43 crores to our current size of Rs. 80 crores we have not scaled up our administrative staff at all which is a testimony to increased productivity and efficiency. The icing on the cake is the great implementation partner that we have found in ABS, who are the most responsive and outstanding partners providing unparalleled support.”

“ABS is genuinely concerned about our problems and tries to use the existing features of SAP Business One to solve these issues. They have gone out of their way to help us in solving our issues regarding customer support and accounts receivables. Our customer response time has now improved tremendously and is a key differentiator from our competition. With reference to accounts payables, they have helped us integrate a GRN number into our invoice, which is automatically generated by our customers at the time of material receipt, which ensures that there are no customer bills outstanding beyond 60 days,” said Prakash Venkatesan.

“ABS is a professionally run organization and has managed to survive economic downturns and maintain long term, fruitful relationships with its customers at the promoter level. Their strong understanding of the software and its capabilities coupled with their good understanding of our business and the unique challenges faced by us is strongly backed by their strong project management skills which ensured that they were able to complete implementation within 3-4 months. Going forward we want to implement fixed asset module and MRP and we are certain that we will continue to enjoy the same co-operation and involvement from them,”

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