About Us

What we offer

ABS offers business solutions and business process and analytics consulting services for the following vertical industries:

  • Equipment Manufacturing : Healthcare Equipment, Consumer Durables, Aerospace, Engineer-to-Order
  • FMCG and Consumer Non-Durable Goods: Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail and e-Commerce
  • Professional Services : Software and ITeS, VC/ PE/ Microfinance Lending and Investment Services, Accounting Services and Healthcare Services
  • Components Manufacturing : Fabrication, Precision Machining, Foundry, Forging, Plastics, Rubber and Electronics
  • Agro & Food Processing Industry : Dairy, Seeds, Plantations, Marine Foods/ Exports, Food Processing

ABS’s business solutions for these vertical industry solutions have been built on Microsoft Dynamics and SAP Business One platforms and include ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence / Management Dashboards, Enterprise Portals and Mobile applications customised to the needs of each of these domains.

ABS’s offers industry vertical business solutions on:

  1. Cloud Computing/ Software-as-a-Service/ Annual-subscription pricing model.
  2. Traditional on-premise, License based model.
  3. Hybrid Cloud model where ABS hosts and manages licenses owned by the customer

ABS’s Business Analytics-as-a-Service offers Business Intelligence/ Management Dashboard on a cloud-computing platform that can be deployed on any ERP / CRM platform.

ABS’s Business Transformation Consulting enables customers to grow profitably by leveraging our industry vertical solutions and offering consultancy in business processes and business analytics. We work with our clients to transform their businesses from an “individual-dependent” to a “process-centric” mode of operation leveraging our vertical industry solutions – thereby increasing efficiency and driving consistent, profitable growth

Our Business Readiness Assessment (BRASS) engagement enables us to capture the present state of readiness of the organization in terms of processes, people and systems and recommend actions required to upgrade the client’s readiness index for change.

ABS’s I.T Advisory Services and our domain expertise provide the bridge between the client’s strategic business requirements and the business solutions through a consultative approach.

ABS’s Center for Functional Excellence enables clients to become ready for rapid activation of our solutions and minimizes potential change management challenges.

Why choose us?

We have over 12 years of experience in addressing the needs of more than 200 customers in the SME sector in India (most of who are family-owned/ family-managed)

ABS is the preferred choice for our industry vertical solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics and SAP platforms.

Our Cloud-based solutions and our Rapid Activation-based approach enables our clients adopt and start using our solutions in a matter of weeks.

Our domain experts in various industry verticals align business mandates to technology solutions and have decades of experience in enabling the adoption of information technology to transform your business