SCM Demand planning

In the latest update of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Demand Planning, significant strides have been made to revolutionize the field. New features like “Edit on Total Level,” “Filter in Transformation,” and “Comments” are transforming planners’ experiences, fostering efficiency and collaboration. The addition of the System Administrator role, Role Level Access for Contributors, Row Level Access Rules, and advanced security measures solidify the platform’s reputation as a robust and secure solution for demand planning. This release not only offers increased flexibility in editing demand plans but also teases promising additions in the upcoming February release. Dynamics 365 is charting a course towards a future where demand planning is more streamlined and user-friendly. This marks a substantial leap forward, promising organizations a future characterized by smarter and more precise demand planning. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management emerges as a pioneer, leading the way with innovative features. Stay tuned for ongoing updates that will continuously elevate planning processes to unprecedented heights!