Dynamics 365 Project Operations helps professional services organizations and project-based businesses manage their projects, resources, finances, and customer relationships more effectively. It provides tools to streamline project management processes, improve resource allocation, and enhance overall project profitability.

Project Management: The solution allows organizations to plan, track, and manage projects from start to finish. This includes creating project tasks, timelines, milestones, and dependencies.

Resource Management: Project Operations helps optimize resource allocation by providing insights into resource availability, skills, and workload. This helps organizations assign the right resources to projects and ensure efficient utilization.

Time and Expense Tracking: Users can log time and expenses related to project tasks and activities. This data is integrated into the project and financial management processes, enabling accurate billing and cost tracking.

Financial Management: The solution offers tools to manage project budgets, track costs, and monitor project profitability. It supports invoicing, revenue recognition, and expense management.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Project Operations integrates customer relationship management functionality to manage customer interactions, communication, and engagement throughout the project lifecycle.

Forecasting: Businesses can use Project Operations to generate forecasts for project outcomes, financial performance, and resource utilization. This aids in planning and decision-making.

Collaboration: The solution supports collaboration among project teams and stakeholders by providing a centralized platform for sharing project-related information, documents, and communications.